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All The Badass Queer Women You Crushed On In 2016

The most lovely stroll down memory lane.

1. Sarah Paulson

Queen Paulson has always had a special place in our hearts, but nobody can deny 2016 was her year. After seven nominations in the past, she finally landed an Emmy.

And all this with the love and support of her girlfriend, Holland Taylor. We are not worthy.

2017 better watch out — this woman is just getting started.

2. Samira Wiley

May all the single ladies remember this year as the year we lost our shot with Samira Wiley. The OITNB alum (not over it yet) got engaged to end the year on a high note.

We will be on the lookout for those wedding snaps, you two.

3. Héloïse Letissier of Christine and the Queens

Known mostly by her stage name, Christine is the French singer/songwriter/dancer we didn't even realize we were waiting for — but oh, how happy we are she's here.


Her biggest single, “Tilted,” came out last year (which introduced us to Letissier’s completely out-of-this-world dance moves), but in 2016 the artist solidly landed on our radar... and her photo landed on your bathroom mirror. Don't be embarrassed, she's on mine too.

~ Dances into 2017 ~

4. Aubrey Plaza

The Parks and Rec actress came out this year in an interview with The Advocate when she said, “Girls are into me — that’s no secret. Hey, I’m into them too. I fall in love with girls and guys. I can’t help it.”

Girl, same.

5. Jen Richards

The actor, writer, and all-around force of nature was all over the place this year. She most notably created (and starred in) the trans-themed web series Her Story, which snagged an Emmy nomination this year.

She's the one to watch, admire, and swoon over in 2017.

6. Stephanie Beatriz

After a very casual coming-out moment on Twitter, the Argentine actor landed solidly on crush mood boards the world over.

You really should follow her on Instagram to appreciate her full repertoire of glasses — it's impressive.

Who's ready to binge some Brooklyn Nine-Nine?

7. Sara Ramirez

Grey’s Anatomy alum and Broadway star Sara Ramirez came out as bisexual during an emotional speech at the True Colors Fund’s “40 to None” Summit in October.

And the new hairstyle? Perfection.

8. Kate McKinnon

The SNL star had a very busy 365 days. Not only did she star in her first feature film, the reboot of Ghostbusters, she had to portray Hillary Clinton for the entirety of the grueling election cycle.

Columbia Pictures

Oh, and she won her first Emmy.

We'd love to let you take next year off, Kate — but we're lost without you.

9. Gillian Anderson

The X-Files icon has been making men, women, and extraterrestrial beings go weak at the knees for years now, with absolutely no signs of stopping.

And OK, The X-Files reboot was awful — let's try to forgive and forget.

10. Laura Jane Grace

The badass frontwoman of Against Me! did a lot more than make music this year.

She released her book, Tranny: Confessions of Punk Rock's Most Infamous Anarchist Sellout, and then made headlines for burning her birth certificate onstage in front of a sold-out crowd in Durham, North Carolina, to protest the state's discriminatory HB2 Bill.

I mean, who doesn't have a thing for rock stars? 💕

11. Tig Notaro

Not only did the comedian wrap up the first season of her Amazon series One MIssissippi, a show based on her actual life, but she also welcomed twins into her world with partner, Stephanie Allynne.

You could say there's double the "awww" to go around here.

12. Kristen Stewart

The actor opened up about her love life this year, which opened everyone else up to saying (screaming), "YEEEESSS!!"

Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

She starred in several indie films in 2016, but she has always been the star of our hearts.

Who gave you heart palpitations this year? Add in the comments below!