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    A 1954 Miami Newspaper: Being Gay Is A Disease Worse Than Alcoholism

    Fast forward over fifty years, The Tampa Tribune publishes an op-ed from a staff writer: "Disney’s pro-gay agenda is disturbing."

    Appearing on the front page of the Miami Daily News on August 13th, 1954 was the first of a series of three articles aimed to inform the public about the “disease” of homosexuality.

    The newspaper reached out to Dr. Paul Kells, a "noted Miami psychiatrist," to answer questions regarding this condition that was "worse than drug addiction or alcoholism."

    The article begins: "This is an article about homosexuality, a subject which is generally forbidden in polite company and about which there is an abundance of ignorance and misinformation."

    The article was published on the same day The Miami News reported that "suspected homosexuals" had been arrested during a beach police raid.

    In the past few days Miamians have learned that this community has become infected by a large colony of sexual deviates. The word "infected" is used advisedely, since homosexuality is a social disease. It can be worse than drug addiction or alcoholism.

    The article falls into a Q & A format with Dr. Paul Kells responding to various questions:

    Q: Are all homosexuals potential child molesters, sadists (those who enjoy causing others pain) and masochists (those who enjoy pain and humiliation for themselves?)

    A: No. The sexual psychopath, of which homosexuality is only one form, is the extreme sex deviate classification from which emerges the child molester and sadist.

    The sexual psychopath has no feeling of social responsibility, much in the manner of the hardened criminal who has no understanding or regard for the law, the psychiatrist explained.

    Q: Are homosexuals born to be sexual deviates?

    A: No. The psychiatrist explained that the homosexual frequently explains to himself that he was simply born that way.

    "It is usually a matter of experience which makes a person a homosexual," the doctor stated. It's 'possible' for anyone to become a homosexual, but people are not born to be such."

    Q: Are all men with feminine characteristics homosexuals?

    A: Absolutely not.

    "Unfortunately, society often is intolerant of feminine men and masculine women. But the incidence of such people turning to homosexuality is about the same as in all types of people [...] the 'normal' homosexual is impossible to spot by physical characteristics."

    You can read the full article here and take comfort that so much has changed since then. Right?

    Fast forward to present day Florida. The Tampa Tribune publishes an op-ed from a staff writer entitled: "Disney’s pro-gay agenda is disturbing."

    The author claims that Disney is pushing a "pro gay agenda" by introducing openly gay characters and couples on its children's programming:

    Disney has made no secret that it pushes a pro-gay agenda. That is most certainly its right. But where does the company draw the line? A former Disney executive I spoke with told me the company has taken direct aim at children to indoctrinate them about gay lifestyles and gay marriage through shows it airs on The Disney Channel and Disney XD.

    The former executive said one of the more subtle techniques is to incorporate the colors of the gay-pride flag in as many shots as possible. The colors are woven in as a wink and nod to the gay community and show up on shirts, hats, posters, stacked cups and rings. The practice has been picked up by other children's networks and national advertisers.

    Disney also pushes the gay agenda by introducing openly gay characters and couples on its children's programing. Again, that is their right, but should they be in the business of entertaining children or indoctrinating them?

    H/T: Box Turtle Bulletin