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8 Ways To Get Rid Of The Button-Down Boob Gap

The nightmare ends today.

First, a moment of silence for all the button-down shirts that left this world too soon.

Now, let's start the revolution of button-downs and busty chests.

1. Don't give up hope.

2. Do some prep and reduce size with undergarments.

3. Think outside the box...and the women's section of the store:

4. Upgrade the shirts you already own.

"If reduce is not your style, it's time to get McGyver-y. The part of the shirt that the buttons are sewn on to are usually double panels (which means there are two layers of fabric). If you're good with a needle and thread, you can sew a smaller button on the inside of the your button panel and make a hole for it on the other. This hides the button while giving extra support to those around it. A snap can also be used if you aren't so sure about cutting into a new shirt," says Bing.

If you're truly brave you can try performing your own "Gapectomy" (shown below) like fashion blogger Lilli Pascuzzi.

Not savvy with a needle and thread? Get some double-stick tape into your life.

Creative suggestion: Never underestimate a well-placed pin.

5. Two words: concealed zipper.

6. Shop at clothing lines that create for curvy figures and androgynous style.

Yes, some brands are actually aware of the problems that arise with larger busts and button-downs. "Ready-to-wear brands such as Androgyny, The Shirt by Rochelle Behrens, and Saint Harridan are designing shirts that specifically address fit issues, such as gaping, in the chest area," Anita Dolce Vita, editor-in-chief of DapperQ told BuzzFeed.

If you get a top from The Shirt, your button-down will come with their patented "No Gape Button Technology," which sounds super fancy and high-tech. "We know from our own experience it's empowering women to perform better because they're not worrying about whether they're flashing their chest to their colleagues or anyone else," says Rochelle Behrens, creator of The Shirt.

7. Become besties with your tailor.

Even if you end up shelling out a few more dollars than you'd like, the payoff will be a shirt that actually fits and (gasp) that you actually wear!

Feeling like a big spender? Go totally custom. "For the absolute best fit, we recommend getting your button-downs custom made. Ratio Clothing, Indochino, Sharpe Suiting, and Bindle & Keep are reader favorites for bespoke button-downs," Vita says.

8. Final step: Rejoice (and don't let the button-ups get you down).