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    8 Lesbian Web Series You Should Have On Your Radar

    Because we all need something to binge-watch this weekend.

    The Better Half

    Created by Leyla Perez and her girlfriend Christine Ng, this series attempts to debunk the stereotypes of lesbian relationships. As you watch this couple attempt to get out of their comfort zone you will be reminded that ALL couples are a little crazy. It's not just you and your girlfriend.

    Bonus? The two stars, Lindsay Hicks and Amy Jackson Lewis, are actually a real couple.

    Feel the beautiful honest-to-goodness chemistry!


    Don't cringe when you read that it's a "Girls-esque series" about young queers in Brooklyn, because it's a lot more than that. The episodes are divvied up by the three main characters, so you can see the story unfold from different points of view. According to the creators the show's main themes include “Sex, Love, Booze, Drugs, Friendship, Family and Amazing Acts of Stupidity.” Amazing acts of stupidity? Sounds like something everyone should be on board to watch.

    Bonus? Enjoy this mash-up of all the times characters utter the word "pussy."

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    This series hasn't quite gotten off the ground yet, as episodes are still in production — but it looks quite promising. The main characters all meet through an iPhone app and convene at their local bar, SCISSR, where adventure starts. The creators want to establish "a more realistic world, where gay women come in a multitude of colors, shapes, and sizes." Oddly enough, in the teaser we can really only see one "type" of girl — but we won't be too harsh yet. Not a lot to see but graffiti and girls in hipster outfits, but hey, sign us up.

    Bonus? If all else fails, the opening credits could double as an Urban Outfitters commercial.

    Watch the teaser:

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    The Throwaways

    The series, which has such top-notch production value you'd think it was a television show, follows a runaway named Olivia. She leaves home after her mother threatens to send her to a conversion therapy camp for some intense de-gaying. The downside to this series is that you have to pay to watch the episodes. The upside? It's genuinely one of the best series that has come out in a long time. It doesn't shy away from topics such as LGBT homelessness and drug use. It launched last summer, but is still available for viewing here.

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    This Is Kelsey

    Like most wonderful stories, this one begins with a break-up (read "huge dumping") as the bubbly, awkward, and completely lost Kelsey attempts to figure her life out. Thankfully she has her trusty best friends: Samantha, Tyrone, and Rowan. With their help, she hopes that even a weirdo like herself can find love again.

    Bonus? Star Nichole Yannetty is a total doppelgänger for Maya Rudolph.

    Can you even tell which is which?

    Watch the trailer:

    The N&N Files

    You know how Rizzoli And Isles is a lesbian cop drama, but only in subtext? This is actually a lesbian cop drama, no subtext needed. You get to watch two private investigators deal with their personal lives, as well as crime in the city of New Orleans. Originally the concept was made for network television, but the pilot never aired. Now, nine years later, the creator of that pilot Nancylee Myatt is back to bring you this web series After raising over $60,000 we will have to wait for the episodes to air — but the pilot is here to get you excited.

    Bonus? Hot cops and more hot cops.

    Watch the trailer:

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    F To The 7th

    Coined as a "homoneurotic web series" you get to watch one woman's hilarious descent into middle age. Ingrid is struggling to find herself —as most characters in web series are these days — in a world where sexuality and gender are more confusing than ever. You can watch all eight episodes right here.

    Bonus? The series kills it with their guest stars.

    Why yes, that is Gabby Hoffman — aka your favorite character from Now And Then.

    Little Horribles

    Warning: This show is painfully awkward, in the best way possible. Creator and star Amy Rubin takes you into the day-to-day struggles of a 28-year-old self-indulgent lesbian. If you have ever sobbed in public, been caught masturbating, or simply love dark comedies, you have found your new favorite series.

    Bonus? All the episodes are free and easy to watch on YouTube, so you have no excuse not to binge watch it right now:

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    What are you waiting for? You should have plenty to watch this weekend.

    We won't judge.