8 Lesbian Television Couples You Just Love To Cry About

Ugh, love hurts so good.

Sometimes you watch television for the laughs and other times you just want to wallow in all the sad feels.

Here are the couples you can’t help but love, even though you can’t see through your own tears:

1. Karma And Amy, Faking It

Crying style: Holding your breath while one single tear runs down your face.


Watch: If you enjoy having that heavy pit of terrible feelings at the bottom of your stomach, always.

2. Naomi and Emily, Skins

Crying style: Smiling and crying at the same time because everything is beautiful – but you’re also just so freakin’ sad.


Watch: If you thrive under the feeling of everything you love being slowly torn apart into tiny, minuscule pieces.

3. Arizona and Callie, Grey’s Anatomy

Crying style: Periods of long, exhausting, and frustrating tears – mainly over the realization you’re still watching this show.


Watch: To ride the thrilling rollercoaster of emotions that exist when someone takes your trust and throws it under a bus again and again – lookin’ at you Shonda.

4. Lena and Stef, The Fosters

Crying style: Inaudible gasps of “they’re so beautiful,” through the tissue clasped tightly to your face.


Watch: If you enjoy pining after the most perfect couple to exist and wish to marvel at a level of loyalty and strength you fear you will never find in a real relationship.

5. Bette And Tina, The L Word

Crying style: Angry crying, either at the fact they are breaking up or the fact they are getting back together. It is constant and exhausting.


Watch: If you hope to one day be so enraged you actually throw something at your screen while yelling something deeply personal like, “WE WERE ROOTING FOR YOU,” amidst your own sobs.

6. Piper and Alex, Orange Is The New Black

Netflix / Via

Crying style: Soft and quiet, like a summer rain – until you’re all choked up and making wild hand gestures at the screen like an actual human hurricane.


Watch if you want to truly, deeply, and completely understand the feeling of this sentiment:

7. Brittany and Santana, Glee

Crying style: A few tears streaming down your face while you shake your head softly, “Aw… these two.”


Watch: If you want to to remember how complicated high school was/is/will forever be.

Tara And Pam, True Blood

Crying style: Sudden, unexpected, and following a huge buildup of tension – just like the relationship pattern of these two.

Watch: When you want to be reminded that life is simply not fair… and then bask in said realization.


8. Cosima and Delphine, Orphan Black

Crying style: Angsty tears, so much angst.


Watch: if you want to be reminded that filled with the knowledge that life is short and love is too damn complicated. Or, if you want to be inspired to pick up French.

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