50 Things That Have Happened On "Grey's Anatomy" Since You Stopped Watching

    You can't even begin to imagine.

    For those of you who stopped watching Grey's Anatomy around Season 5, you may now barely recognize the show you once loved.

    Big changes you may notice:

    1. There are new interns.

    2. The hospital has changed its name — more than once.

    3. "The chief" is no longer the chief.

    4. Some familiar faces are missing:

    Totally dead: Mark and Lexie

    Totally gone: Izzie and Teddy

    In case you decide to hop back on this crazy train for Season 10, here are a few other things you missed:

    *This is one crazy show, so we can't fully inform you of every plot nuance. Here are some of the craziest happenings*

    5. A vengeful gunman caused chaos in the hospital. He shot Derek and it was terrible.

    This is what all your friends who kept watching the show refer to as " the shooting" (and probably freaked out about for months).

    6. Cristina developed PTSD after saving Derek's life at gunpoint.

    7. Alex was also shot and for a minute everyone thought he was a goner.

    8. The traumatic experience resulted in Meredith having a miscarriage.

    9. Izzie left and never came back.

    10. Yang started dating Owen, who suffered from PTSD after serving in Iraq.

    11. Derek and Meredith adopted a baby named Zola.

    12. Yang was impaled by a falling icicle.

    A pretty common and normal occurrence.

    13. Dr. Webber's wife, Adele, developed Alzheimer's.

    14. Meredith tampered with Derek's Alzheimer's clinical trial, nearly ending her career and putting serious strain on their marriage.

    15. One time, Yang kissed Dr. Avery at a surprise party, and immediately regretted it.

    But really, who can blame her?

    16. Yang married Hunt in a dark red wedding gown.

    17. Callie realized she was bisexual after having feelings for a heart surgeon.

    18. Callie was dumped for not quite being "gay enough."

    19. There was an "alternative universe" episode where Alex had thick glasses and Yang had bangs.

    It was weird.

    20. Callie falls in love with a smiley and upbeat pediatric surgeon, Dr. Arizona Robbins.

    Fans dub them "Calzona."

    21. Callie was temporarily disowned by her parents for dating Arizona.

    22. April Kepner is fired after making a small but fatal error in surgery.

    23. But later, she is totally rehired.

    24. Teddy marries a patient who needs health insurance, but then she really falls for him.

    25. Callie finds out she is pregnant with Mark's baby, but makes the decision to raise it with Arizona.

    26. When she proposes to Arizona, she nearly dies in a car accident.

    Don't worry, it all turned out all right (for once).

    27. There was a musical episode in which the hospital rushed to save Callie's life.

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    And, thanks to the power of song, they did.

    28. Dr. Webber hooks up with Jackson's mom.

    Jackson, obviously, isn't so happy about it.

    29. Arizona and Callie named their baby Sophia.

    30. Dr. Webber said this one time:

    31. He also said this:

    32. Hunt cheats on Cristina.

    33. A lion gets loose in Seattle.

    34. April loses her virginity to Jackson.

    35. Jackson tells April he has feelings for her.

    36. April ends up accepting a marriage proposal from her paramedic boyfriend.

    37. Dr. Bailey gets married to a hot anesthesiologist.

    HOT anesthesiologist.

    38. Adele dies the night of Bailey's wedding.

    39. Meredith finally gets pregnant the old fashioned way.

    40. There is a horrific plane crash.

    41. Derek nearly loses the function of his hand.

    42. Meredith makes this crying face:

    43. Lexie dies. Right there. In front of her sister and Mark Sloan.

    44. Mark finally professes his love for Lexie, before also dying.

    45. Arizona loses her leg.

    46. Cristina moves to Minnesota to work at a hospital in very cold weather conditions.

    47. The survivors of the plane crash buy the hospital.

    48. Cristina and Owen sign divorce papers, and then make out.

    Best divorce ever! It's also been announced that Season 10 will be Sandra Oh's last season on the show.

    49. Arizona cheats on Callie.

    50. The chief is electrocuted in the basement of the hospital. Does he make it!? We. Don't. Know.

    To review:

    How you probably feel right now: WTF

    To those of you that never stopped watching: We salute you.