50 Things That Have Happened On "Grey's Anatomy" Since You Stopped Watching

You can't even begin to imagine.

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For those of you who stopped watching Grey's Anatomy around Season 5, you may now barely recognize the show you once loved.

2. The hospital has changed its name — more than once.

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Remember Seattle Grace? It became Seattle Grace-Mercy West when two hospitals were forced to merge for financial reasons. Don't bother remembering that name though, because guess what? They changed it again! The hospital's current name is Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

3. "The chief" is no longer the chief.


Dr. Webber passed the torch to Derek, who gave it to Callie, who surrendered the position to Owen Hunt. Dr. Webber is still referred to as "the chief." (Obviously).

In case you decide to hop back on this crazy train for Season 10, here are a few other things you missed:

*This is one crazy show, so we can't fully inform you of every plot nuance. Here are some of the craziest happenings*

14. Meredith tampered with Derek's Alzheimer's clinical trial, nearly ending her career and putting serious strain on their marriage.


She did it to ensure that Dr. Webber's wife wouldn't receive the placebo — still a bad thing to do Meredith. It's called TRUST!!

24. Teddy marries a patient who needs health insurance, but then she really falls for him.


Henry was a great guy. "Was" because he later died and it was, like most things on Grey's, extremely depressing.

27. There was a musical episode in which the hospital rushed to save Callie's life.

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And, thanks to the power of song, they did.