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41 Awesome Ways To Come Out To Your Friends And Family

In case you need some prep for National Coming Out Day on October 11th.

1. Jump out of a giant cake and yell: "I'm Gay!"

2. Make Rice Krispies treats with rainbow sprinkles. While you're handing them out to loved ones, say, "Just FYI, I'm super bisexual."

3. Bake a rainbow cake and frost with plain icing. When you cut into the cake and a rainbow appears give everyone a knowing look. Consider dancing.

4. Write "flaming homo" on a cookie cake. Set it on fire.

5. Fill a box with rainbow balloons and deliver it to your best friend.

6. Fill a box with regular balloons and just write "I'M A BIG LEZ" on them with a sharpie. Mail it to your loved one. (Don't forget the return address so they know who it is.)

7. Have a set of rainbow balloons delivered to your office. Attach a card that says "Congratulations, You're Gay!"

8. Print out a big picture of yourself and draw an arrow and write "[your name] Is Trans" on it. Leave it in a place they will see it, i.e., on their windshield.

9. Change your ringtone to "I'm Comin Out" by Diana Ross.

10. Just sing "I'm Coming Out" at any and all times of the day while pointing to yourself.

11. Mail a Hogwarts-Style letter addressed to your parents house and label it in big rainbow letters "The Gay Society" and inside write in big letters WELCOME.

12. Change your avatar to Ellen Page/Ellen Degeneres/basically anyone named Ellen.

13. Play a game of charades with your family – act it out when it's your turn.

14. Take everyone you know to a screening of Rocky Horror. Go up on stage when the character you identify with is on and let it rip.

15. Knock-knock joke: "Who's there?" "Me" "Me, who?" – "Me, coming out to you right now"

16. Spell it out in Scrabble.

17. Snap Chat.

18. Order a singing telegram and let them do the hard part for you.

19. Wear regular clothes for Halloween. When people ask what you are say: "A straight person. It's a costume, because I'm not one."

20. Get a rainbow tattoo (temporary or real, why not?).

21. Go on a hike with your friends and shout it from an actual mountain top.

22. Scavenger hunt with a note at the end.

23. Offer someone a few skittles and whisper: "Have you tasted the rainbow? I have."

24. Write it on a banana or other phallic fruit.

25. Mail the banana to your friend/loved one. (You can actually do this.) (Use a VERY unripe banana and it will be ripe when it arrives.)

26. Get someone a coffee and write your announcement on it. (Also a good way to come out to your barista.)

27. Order an Edible Arrangement for yourself. (These are queer by nature, everyone should get it.)

28. Play "Never Have I Ever" and say "Never Have I Ever Been Straight." #bornthisgay.

29. Come out of a closet, literally.

30. Tie a note on your pet/dog.

31. Tie a note on a pigeon you hired or trained.

32. Shoot your friends and family a quick text.

33. Film yourself and post it on YouTube. FWD to everyone.

34. Email out Ellen Page's epic speech and simply say, "Yea, what she said."

35. Buy your parents a book.

36. Change your computer's desktop and ask your mom to look something up on it.

37. While attempting to hang a frame ask, "Does this look straight?" Go from there.

38. Paint it on a pumpkin, tis the season!

39. Carve it into a pumpkin.

40. Make a pumpkin pie and write it with lattice on the top. (This is very hard.)

41. Come out when you are ready in a way that feels right. This is nobody's journey but your own.