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    38 Things All Architecture Students Know Only Too Well

    The life of a starchitect ain't easy.

    1. Wearing the title of "archie" proudly – probably right on your sleeve.

    2. Everyone thinking you're going to be designing famous skyscrapers one day:

    3. Sleeping under your studio desk more than in your actual bed — and not feeling weird about it.

    4. The important "materials" you keep in your studio desk tend to include an emergency liquor stash.

    5. And when you're not drinking that, you're ingesting a steady flow of caffeine and sugar.

    6. Forgetting what a "weekend" is supposed to be like:

    7. Or what eating dinner at a real table feels like:

    8. The glamour of the job hunt:

    9. Sneaking in those last changes just before deadline:

    10. Making that one miniscule adjustment to your model:

    11. Using the laser cutter for pretty much everything, except actual assignments.

    12. When someone tries to give you unsolicited feedback on a project:

    13. Treasuring the little things in life.

    14. Watching someone present a rather phallic design in front of the entire studio:

    15. When someone asks you if you've ever had to pull an all-nighter:

    16. The fact that you secretly love the rush of pulling an all-nighter:

    17. "When was the last time I saved?" is promptly followed by:

    18. As an upperclassman, looking back on first-year projects like...

    19. When your computer can't handle running AutoCAD and any other program at the same time:

    20. After hours of class, your standards for humor drop significantly.

    21. Tensions running high approaching a deadline:

    22. Realizing you aren't going to finish in time:

    23. Trying to make your workspace as multi-purpose as possible:

    24. Complaining about having no time to finish, yet continuing to find ways to procrastinate:

    25. Watching someone bomb their presentation:

    26. Feeling your presentation go steadily downhill but being powerless to stop it:

    27. Having unusually strong emotions when it comes to fonts.

    28. Struggling to fathom why others don't feel the same way.

    29. This:

    30. The joys of design porn:

    31. Putting in your blood, sweat, and tears – literally.

    32. Leaving studio after a long night:

    33. Your professor: "The grades are made up and the points don't matter."

    34. Wishing you could say something like this during final crits:

    35. Instead, saying a lot of this:

    And sort of hating yourself for it.

    36. Being beyond competitive with your fellow studiomates, but knowing there is no greater bond.

    37. Having the ability to view the world in a very unique and beautiful way.

    38. Above all, having the knowledge that sleep is an activity that can occur at any time... any place...

    ... if you only believe.