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    33 Reasons To Be Thankful For The Existence Of Tegan And Sara

    Today is the duo's birthday and a great time to reflect on the sheer awesomeness that is their presence on this earth. Bow down.

    Thirty-four years ago today, Tegan and Sara came into this world and forever changed it.

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    1. Be thankful we not only get Sara in our lives...

    Kevin Winter / Getty Images

    2. ...but also Tegan.

    Desiree Navarro / WireImage / Getty Images

    3. And that the two of them work in such lovely harmony.

    4. Let's be thankful they overcame those awkward teen years.

    5. And bow down to them for staying so humble, even as we grovel at their feet.

    6. Wonder at the fact that Tegan's smile even EXISTS.

    7. And that Sara's glass-cutting cheek bones are even a thing.

    Desiree Navarro / WireImage / Getty Images

    Radiating beauty, obviously.

    8. Let us be in awe of their insane sense of style.

    9. And the stunning evolution of their hairstyles.

    10. Let us remember that they proved to the world that a wispy mullet can (sort-of) be pulled off.

    11. But also taught us when to let that mullet go.

    12. The simple fact they part their hair in opposite directions (so we can tell them apart) is something to appreciate.

    13. Frankly, boy bands all over the globe should send thank-you notes for all the hair inspiration.

    14. Twins should thank them for showing everyone just how "twinning" is done.

    15. Thanks to these two, we know these facial expressions are possible.

    16. I don't know about you, but I'm beside myself that this photo of Tegan holding a koala even exists.

    17. As is the delicate manner in which they consume sweets:

    18. They coordinate with such ease...

    19. ...and take selfies better than the rest.

    20. Don't even start on the fact that Tegan bites her lip.

    A lot.

    21. Or the fact that Sara has a lip-licking habit.

    22. And please, be sure to reflect on the sheer beauty of their musical talent today.

    23. And have respect for their philosophical musings.

    24. They brought these T-shirts into our lives, don't forget that!

    25. Be beyond grateful that we get to gaze upon their tattoos.

    26. Or their creative dance moves.

    27. And that they sometimes perform with Taylor Swift:

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    28. The adorable manner in which they prank each other is an artform.

    29. The same could be said about the way Tegan sits in a car.

    30. Be thankful we have them to inspire us on a daily basis.

    31. And remind us that it's OK to love who you are.

    32. Realize that their lyrics are pure poetry for any occasion.

    33. And rejoice that they helped so many people sort through confusing feelings growing up.

    Raise a glass to these two perfect beings.

    And hope they never change.