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30 Valentine's Day Gift Fails

When good intentions go horribly wrong.

1. Novelty Toilet Paper.

You can get your hands on a variety of different prints.

2. Any clothing that resembles this.

Online sales are coming soon, thank goodness.

3. Your face molded in chocolate.

FabCafe in Tokyo, Japan offers these custom chocolates using a 2D to 3D scanner.

4. A Pizza Hut proposal.

5. Elephant poop flowers.

Elephant dung can be processed into some lovely eco-friendly paper. Get some here!

6. This surprise.

7. Naming a cockroach at the Bronx Zoo.

The website states, "Flowers wilt. Candlelight fades. Roaches are forever."

This limited time offer is sadly expired.

8. White Castle dinner date.

9. This cryptic balloon.

10. Unique plants.

For the low maintenance love in your life. Heart decorations not included.

11. Making funeral arrangements.

12. His and hers tongue scrapers.

13. A new pet.

Crabs you can be happy about.

14. Edible undergarments.

Here are directions for the DIY project.

15. A new mouse pad or...wait, what?

16. This fake dog poop is uber romantic.

Order now from Etsy for that animal lover in your life.

17. Reproductive plush toys.

Why is this under the Valentine's Day gift section? An educational gift perhaps.

18. Heart shaped meat products.

You can get them pre-seasoned.

19. A Hug-E-Gram.

Plus, you can record a personalized message.

20. This card for the seriously comfortable couple.

Available on Etsy.

21. Celebrity inspired cards.

22. Underwear built for two.

Save money on laundry and get your pair here.

23. A chocolate covered scale.

Even with the funny phrases replacing numbers, it's still a scale.

24. A Hooters dinner surprise.

25. Surprise car decorations.

"I'm loved and being humiliated because of it."

He seems pleased.

26. Anything on this page:

27. The 2-carat mug...

28. ...or this diamond ring keychain.

She isn't laughing. This isn't funny.

29. The perfect movie for a romantic evening.

30. Bacon flowers.

Wait...this actually would be fantastic. Go ahead and make some now.

What's the worst valentine's gift you've received?

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