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30 Valentine's Day Gift Fails

When good intentions go horribly wrong.

1. Novelty Toilet Paper.

2. Any clothing that resembles this.

3. Your face molded in chocolate.

4. A Pizza Hut proposal.

5. Elephant poop flowers.

6. This surprise.

7. Naming a cockroach at the Bronx Zoo.

8. White Castle dinner date.

9. This cryptic balloon.

10. Unique plants.

11. Making funeral arrangements.

12. His and hers tongue scrapers.

13. A new pet.

14. Edible undergarments.

15. A new mouse pad or...wait, what?

16. This fake dog poop is uber romantic.

17. Reproductive plush toys.

18. Heart shaped meat products.

19. A Hug-E-Gram.

20. This card for the seriously comfortable couple.

21. Celebrity inspired cards.

22. Underwear built for two.

23. A chocolate covered scale.

24. A Hooters dinner surprise.

25. Surprise car decorations.

26. Anything on this page:

27. The 2-carat mug...

28. ...or this diamond ring keychain.

29. The perfect movie for a romantic evening.

30. Bacon flowers.

What's the worst valentine's gift you've received?