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30 Feelings All Lesbians Know Only Too Well

Ladies, we've all been there.

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1. That weird, but wonderful, "bubbly happy" feeling in your stomach when you kiss a girl for the first time:

2. The not-so-happy "bubbly" feeling in your stomach when you see your ex with someone else for the first time:

It's like indigestion, but much worse.

3. The crushing defeat you feel throughout your entire body when you think someone is gay...

...only to find out they're not.

4. Your body stiffening into a full cringe as your parents discuss anything LGBT-related, bless their hearts:

5. The anxiety of that one lingering question you have when your friends ask you out:

"Will any lesbians be there?" - when your friend asks you to go out

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"Will any lesbians be there?" - when your friend asks you to go out

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6. And the feeling of disappointment when there really aren't any other lesbians there:

It's not that you're not having fun, it's just that you could be having more fun.

7. The wild rush of having that perfect response for a guy hitting on you at a bar:

8. The existential crisis that accompanies the never-ending search for your lady crew:

9. The deep wallowing feeling that comes with being single:

10. That surreal feeling when you reflect back on your closeted days and have to stifle laughter:


11. The "oops" when you're trying to be super subtle while checking someone out and – of course – you fail.

12. Experiencing that wave of confusion when you're not sure if a girl is being nice or hitting on you:

13. And the instant mortifying moment when you realize she was indeed just being super nice. / Via

Regroup. Have another drink. Press on.

14. Looking back on that first haircut you subjected yourself to after coming out and seeing something like this:

Hopefully, it wasn't this bad. It was bad though.

Hopefully, it wasn't this bad. It was bad though.

15. That smug moment of pride when your guy friends want "lady advice":

You knew this day would come and it is beautiful – but also sort of awkward.

16. The unsettling notion that no matter how innocent your PDA seems to be... it will probably be a spectacle to someone.

17. The complete blank slate in your mind as you're grappling for the right words to shut down someone's idiotic or homophobic comments:

(you don't need words)

18. That uncomfortable moment when someone asks about your boyfriend:

19. This feeling, at least five times a day:

20. Keeping a straight face as your straight friends ask about your sex life:

Forgive them, for they know not what they speak of.

21. Secretly loving every second that you get to tell them about it:

22. That deep longing feeling when you haven't been out to a gay bar in over a month...


23. ...and there's a super long line to get in.

24. When your favorite lady couple on television either breaks up, or worse, is killed off:


25. The inner satisfaction you feel when a girl says she just "can't imagine being with another woman."

26. The frustration of giving dating advice to that one friend who is back on the market after years of being in a relationship:

27. The deep denial you shove yourself into as you tell yourself you're totally over your ex.

It's OK to not be OK yet.

28. The indescribable joy in being able to come out confidently (and hilariously) to your friends:

Or even just send a great snap. Classic.

Or even just send a great snap. Classic.

29. The moment of contemplation when your OB-GYN asks you what you're doing to prevent pregnancy:

Women, mostly.

30. That "I can conquer the world" feeling when you realize you're doing you, and doing it well.

Ladies, we've all been there.