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27 Reasons Callie And Arizona From "Grey's Anatomy" Are Perfect Together

Whether you still watch Grey's Anatomy or fell off the wagon a long time ago; we can all agree on the perfection that is "Calzona".

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1. Their first kiss made a grungy bathroom seem romantic:

Remember how cute it was?

Remember how cute it was?

2. They have a flair for the dramatic:

3. They surprise each other on special occasions:

Lingerie and doughnuts. Enough said.

Lingerie and doughnuts. Enough said.

4. They handled baby-daddy drama with class:

5. They constantly raise the bar for food-based innuendo.

6. They know how to compliment each other's assets:

7. They can flirt with just one look.

Exhibit A:
Exhibit B:

8. They can kiss with just their EYES okay?

9. They appreciate a good wine night...

10. ...or dance party.

11. They were stunningly perfect brides:

12. They know when to get tough on each other:

13. And when to be extra sensitive:

14. They bring out each others animal instincts:

15. They support each other:

16. They could sell pizza to anyone:

17. They build each other’s confidence:

18. They take photos like this:

19. Arizona is there for Callie.

20. And Callie is there for Arizona.

21. No matter how many rough patches they have...

All of their passionate arguments compiled for your viewing pleasure.

They always end up back together.

22. They take commitment seriously:

23. They had the perfect stair-well kiss:

24. Perfect up-against-the wall kiss:

25. Perfect shower kiss:

26. Perfect wedding kiss:

27. Perfect couple kisses perfectly:

Long live Calzona