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27 Faces All Lesbians Will Recognize Immediately

The classic "analyzing your alternative haircut from a distance" face.

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1. When a straight girl says she has a "girl crush" on someone:

JUST SAY IT'S A CRUSH. / Via Showtime


2. When your crush walks by and you just play it cool:

See how we call it a crush? It's that easy.

See how we call it a crush? It's that easy.

3. When you're analyzing her alternative haircut from a distance:

Twentieth Century Fox

4. When a straight girl asks you how lesbian sex works:

5. When your friend says something homophobic right in front of you:



6. When your girlfriend is actually asking you to U-Haul and your life flashes before your eyes:

7. When your friend tells you she is hooking up with her ex... again:


8. When someone tells you it must be "so much easier" to date women: / Via NBC

9. When the only lesbian character on a show is killed off:

Fox / Via

10. The many shades of "I've been single for way too damn long":

11. When your gaydar goes off:

12. And then you confirm it:

13. When you're not sure if she is being nice or flirting:

14. When you realize she is just being nice:

15. When you go down on a girl for the first time and you have no idea what you're doing:

Send help!
NBC / Via

Send help!

16. When you get a message on OkCupid...


17. ... but it's from a couple or a dude:

18. When you find out your crush has a boyfriend:

Comedy Central / Via

19. When a celebrity comes out of the closet and you totally knew it:


20. When you realize your gaydar has seriously failed you in a desperate time of need:

21. When a baby gay cuts you in line at the bar:

HBO / Via

22. When you see a happy couple holding hands and you realize you're going to die alone:


23. When you're trying to scope out a new hot coworker:

24. When your date mentions she really hates cats and you own five:

Your life is a lie. / Via All-Nippon News Network

Your life is a lie.

25. When you thought it was ladies night but you were clearly mistaken:

26. When you know a show is using queer baiting but tbh you don't know how to feel about it:

27. When you check your Tumblr dashboard: