25 Things Only Track And Field Runners Can Understand

Sprinters, jumpers, and long distance runners unite.

1. The importance of pre-race rituals.

Whatever works for you.

2. That feeling you get right before the gun.

3. The inability to simply walk up a flight of stairs.

4. The love-hate relationship of running.

5. Laughing when people say it’s a non-contact sport.

6. Feeling completely comfortable in shorts THIS short.

7. Underestimating the difficulty of the steeple-chase.

8. How it feels to take the lead in the last 50m:

9. Becoming an instant diva over the smallest details.

10. Frantically untagging any pictures taken of you during a meet.

quickmeme.com Track Man

No one said running had to be pretty.

11. The never ending animosity between sprinters and long distance runners.

12. Eating 3 bowls of pasta the night before a meet.

13. Getting nervous if the runner next to you has bad-ass flats.

14. The importance of looking both ways before crossing the track.

15. Anticipating the lane assignments:

16. The awkward tan lines after an outdoor season.

17. Controlling your anger when someone in your relay gets you all disqualified.

18. The fear of being pushed up into a faster heat and coming in dead last.

19. Constantly having one bruised knee from hurdles.

20. Struggling to reason with non-runners.

21. Wondering if high-knees drills really did anything at all.

22. Understanding the true value of a few inches.

23. Having the coach surprise you with an event you have never run before.

24. Falling in a race and trying to recover gracefully.

25. Always being thankful you didn’t try pole vault.

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