25 Stunning Vintage Photographs Of Female Firefighters

    From as early as 1916, the ladies have been gettin' it done.

    1916, The UK Women's Fire Brigade takes a salute.

    1916, Preparing for a fire drill.

    1916, Conducting a drill with hoses and extinguishers.

    1916, Members of the Woman's Fire Brigade with their chief officer.

    1916, Putting a fire escape into position.

    1922, Training with hosepipes.

    1925, Women of Achille Serre Ltd's Private Fire Brigade head off to compete in the London Fire Brigades' Tournament.

    1926, A member of the Achille Serre Ladies Fire Brigade in London.

    1928, Two firefighters during a drill.

    1928, Demonstrating the use of a portable fire extinguisher.

    1928, A rescue drill in progress.

    1930, Staff of the Girls Fire Brigade in Berkshire.

    1938, a female firefighter models a new uniform.

    1939, Group of Auxiliary Fire Service (AFS) women "keeping fit" with a game of leap-frog.

    1939, An AFS member during morning inspection at a Manchester fire station.

    1940, AFS women work at the London fire regional control room.

    1941, New recruits in the control room at London's Auxiliary Fire Service.

    1941, chorus girls respond to the call for volunteer "fire watchers" are trained by the Newcastle Fire Brigade.

    1941, Women train at the Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard during WWII.

    1941, Training at the UK's Royal Northern Hospital in Holloway practice for blitz fires.

    1942, Training at the Imperial War Museum Fire Fighting School.

    1942, Female firefighters during a skills demonstration.

    1942, Volunteer fire guards stow away a hose into a portable trailer.

    1950, A competitor at the Minneapolis Auxiliary Fire Crews Competition in Minnesota.

    1961, Margaret Scaife and Marjorie Barrrow compete in the British Railways Inter-Regional Fire Fighting Finals at the London Fire Brigade Headquarters.