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23 Signs You're The Alice Pieszecki Of Your Friend Group

Sarcasm is your default setting and you wouldn't have it any other way.

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1. First off, you could be described as a stone cold weirdo.

2. But, you completely own it.

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3. You're the friend who brings the group up when everyone's feeling down.

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4. Everybody wants you in their corner and on their team.

5. You aren't the ~serious~ type.

6. And you might look innocent, but it's all a front.

A facade, if you will, for that inner freak.


7. It could be suggested you have a flair for the dramatic.

8. And that you've got a bit of a rebellious streak.

9. And what do people first notice about you? You've always got jokes.


10. You're witty and quick to whip out a proper pun when it's needed.

11. At times, you even amaze yourself with just how insightful you can be.


12. You're simply an endless source of wisdom.

13. Your closest friends understand that "loyalty" is your middle name.

14. You say exactly what's on your mind, always selecting your words carefully.

15. You try not to let things get to you.


16. But when someone oversteps? It's go time.


17. When anyone tries to get the better of you...

... you always get the last word in.


18. For how confident and outgoing you seem, you have your moments of insecurity.

19. Sarcasm is pretty much your default setting in life. / Via Showtime

20. But under all that dry wit, you're a true romantic at heart.

21. Okay. Mayyybe you're a bit too opinionated at times.

22. Some people might say you always think you're right.

23. That's only because you ARE always right.

Sorry, you're not sorry.

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