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    22 Stages Of Coming Out Of The Closet To Your Enormous Family

    Siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles – you name it, you've got it. This should go smoothly, right?

    Maybe you're going home for the holidays, maybe the timing just feels right, but you've decided to come out of the closet to your family.

    Your entire family, that is.


    1. You make an elaborate and carefully thought out plan, only to have it instantly go out the window.

    2. You consider starting from the top, with one of your parents. Easier to let them spread the news to the rest of the family.

    3. As easy and quick as it would be, you realize you can't exactly just pull your mom aside and say:

    4. You could tell your closest sibling, but odds are they will quickly let the cat out of the bag.

    5. And of course, inevitably the message is lost in translation.

    6. Someone has to be the last to know, and they are personally offended by it.

    7. You agonize over how everyone will react to the news.

    8. And you seriously hate the thought of everyone discussing it once you leave the room.

    9. You decide your best option is probably to make a formal announcement over dinner, right?

    10. Well, that seemed like a good idea – until you're actually sitting at the table and the gravity of the situation settles upon your shoulders.

    11. And, what if all your cousins show up?

    12. You quickly realize you should probably leave the big speeches to the pros.

    13. At least you're confident your out cousin/aunt/etc will have your back.

    14. You ponder over alternate options, like baked goods:

    15. Sending out a mass email?

    16. Snail mail is even a plausible option at this point.

    17. You consider giving those far away family members a quick phone call.

    18. Overwhelmed and ready to give up, you finally come to a solid conclusion: There is no "right" way to do this.

    19. You accept that this process could take several different conversations...

    20. ... until everyone can finally fully understand.

    21. So you practice. A lot. To anyone who will listen.

    22. Until finally, it's showtime!

    Being true to yourself? Nothing is more fabulous than that.