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    22 Sinks Clogged With Huge Hairballs

    Someone call the plumber, because this is a catastrophe.

    1. Having a clogged sink can be a real bummer, but there's no reason to panic.

    2. Before you drop everything and call a plumber – try and check things out for yourself!

    3. First, try and find the source of the clog.

    4. Look down the drain. Can you see what's causing the problem?

    5. It's important to assess whether you have a big problem...

    6. ... or just a wee one.

    7. Run some hot water and try to loosen things up.

    8. Still a bit blocked up?

    9. Get a plunger in there and see if you can manually remove the clog.

    10. If you can, reach in and try to remove it with your hand.

    11. Hmm, this must be a bad one.

    12. Do you have some Draino on hand? That can do wonders.

    13. Try pouring a cup of baking soda followed by vinegar, the resulting foam can clear your pipes.

    14. Flush with hot water once more.

    15. Check the drain and see if this did the trick.

    16. This clog might be worse than you originally anticipated.

    17. If you have a wire hanger you can attempt to "snake" the drain.

    18. Okay, right about now is the time you should contemplate calling a professional.

    19. Take a moment to contemplate what you could have put down the drain to cause this problem.

    20. Did you throw some food down there?

    21. You know you don't have a disposal, right?

    22. Still no luck? Okay, now call a plumber.