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Nov 10, 2014

22 People Who Didn't Have Time For Your Gender Expectations

Ain't nobody got time for that.

1. The designer of this majestic restroom:

2. And whoever made this magical door:

3. This grown-ass man:

4. This person who is, quite literally, everything:

5. All Canadians, apparently:

6. The owners of this clothing store:

7. Siri:

8. This clever crayon-wielding child:

9. This concerned (and very hungry) individual:

10. This crafty cross-stitcher:

11. Eddie Izzard and his perfect wardrobe choices:

12. The teacher who posted this sign:

13. Dewey from Malcolm in the Middle and his fab left hook:

14. The "stick in the middle":

15. Oh, and Lorena:

16. These felons on the run:

17. Miles and everyone else outside the box:

18. This donut doodler:

19. Cheese, probably.

20. This person who really had to go:

21. Visitors to the mystical land of genders:

22. The Powerpuff Girls, always and forever: