22 Irrational Fears That Are Actually Perfectly Normal

    Don't worry, you aren't the only one terrified by subway grates. Just try and make it through this post without cringing.

    1. Closed shower curtains (and the murderer waiting on other side).

    2. Flushing airplane toilets.

    3. Falling down that space in a spiral staircase.

    4. Long underground tunnels.

    5. Walking over sidewalk grates and cellar doors.

    6. Driving over bridges.

    7. Every single species of bird.

    8. Becoming convinced there is someone in the trunk of your car.

    9. Touching dryer lint.

    10. Swimming in dark water.

    11. Elevators in general.

    12. Driving under a height limit bar.

    13. Open closet doors.

    14. Finding a spider in your shoe.

    15. Holding babies.

    16. Believing your arm will never regain feeling after it goes numb.

    17. Or that the novocain will NEVER wear off.

    18. Driving behind one of these bad boys.

    19. Getting a charley horse the second you step off the treadmill.

    20. The possibility of a friend from the sewer ending up in your toilet.

    21. Consuming expired food.

    22. Doing things like this: