21 Ways You Will Drive Your Friends Crazy After Studying Abroad

Studying abroad is such an amazing experience, but please try not to act like this when you get back.

1. Starting stories with “When I lived in Europe…”

2. Learned three phrases in Italian? Fluent.

3. After visiting a few museums…

Yet you can’t remember the name of any paintings you saw.

4. Accessorizing with headscarves on a daily basis.

5. Changing your wardrobe entirely.

This hat? Oh I got it in France.

6. Complaining about being back on American soil.

“Now what will I do?”

7. Drinking only foreign beer.

Stella? How fancy.

8. Stressing over your new long-distance romance, which will TOTALLY last.

Flickr: spyker3292 / Creative Commons

“He didn’t speak English…but he cooked for me every night!”

9. Posting over 3,000 photos on Facebook.

10. Speaking with an accent and using local slang terms regularly.

11. Telling everyone long stories they can’t relate to.

12. Suddenly acquiring an international palate.

You’ve never tried vegemite?

13. And forcing everyone to try the local favorites.

It’s a delicacy.

14. Telling everyone what a unique experience it was…

15. …how you broke out of your comfort zone by meeting new people…

16. …and how mature you feel now.

Yes, we can see that.

17. Turning into a wine snob after a semester in France.

Franzia isn’t good enough for you anymore?

18. Complaining about having to take “real” classes again.

19. After attending one Real Madrid match, you start calling it fútbol.

20. You may have developed a slight attitude toward America.

21. Going on and on about how you were “roughing it” in Africa.

Only solution? Join the campus study abroad organization.

So you can stop driving everyone else crazy.

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