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    21 Signs You're In Love With Rita Volk From MTV's "Faking It"

    There is only one cure for this illness, and that's more Rita Volk in your life.

    1. When you first saw Rita Volk as Amy on Faking It, you did a double take so hard you actually hurt your neck.

    2. Her stance on small talk? You connect with that on a very deep level.

    3. Each and every time she gets "that look" in her eyes, you wish she was staring at you.

    4. When she tries to be sexy...


    ... you think she totally nails it.

    5. You think her reaction to Twilight was a thing of beauty:

    6. As was the poetic ranting that followed:

    7. When she dishes out the truth you want to stand behind her and scream, "YES, WHAT SHE SAID!"

    8. Instead, you usually just stand and applaud at your television screen.

    9. When she swears the foul language becomes a timeless work of art.


    ~ timeless ~

    10. This scene made your heart break into a billion tiny pieces:

    11. You had to reevaluate your entire life when you realized this perfectly awkward human actually existed in real life – not just on television.

    Getty Images Frederick M. Brown

    12. When she stares at Katie Stevens, you still wish she was staring at you.


    13. When she parts her hair you can feel the heavens open up above you and the world stops turning for just one moment.

    14. When you saw her at the VMA's you nearly had to be hospitalized – it was so worth it.

    Getty Images Frederick M. Brown

    15. You get dizzy when she speaks, because only the beautiful truth falls out of her mouth.

    16. You remain in awe of her humble demeanor despite her recent success:

    17. Her heart is so big that it makes your heart hurt a little.

    18. Her dance moves make you feel sort of uncomfortable, in a good way.

    19. And deep down, you know you could be her perfect dance partner.

    20. You want to shake Katie in this photo and say, "Hey, I get it!"

    I mean, Katie totally gets it.

    21. When your friends remind you that she is a famous actress (and out of your league) you're all, "No she is the one for me."


    Suffering from the above symptoms? Don't fret.

    You're in love with Rita Volk. You're certainly not alone.