21 Reasons Why Overly Competitive People Ruin Everything

Maybe they used to play sports or maybe they just love the taste of victory; either way these people really need to calm down.

1. They turn your favorite game of Catch Phrase…

..into a blood sport.

2. They get ejected from the annual company softball game.

3. They blow everything out of proportion.

What they do:

What they THINK they do.

4. They don’t see anything as “just a game.”

5. They don’t understand “friendly” competition.

6. They’ve never played a “fun” game of touch football.

7. They certainly don’t enjoy a “friendly” game of cards.

8. And definitely never a “casual” game of ping pong.

9. When they win, they don’t let you forget it.

10. The celebration lasts all week.

11. But when they lose…

…it’s never graciously.

12. And the “sore loser” mentality lasts all week.

13. “One-upping” is an art to be perfected.

14. And they pride themselves on outshining you in every way.

15. They single-handedly suck the fun out of drinking games.

16. Trivia night at the bar turns into an anxiety-riddled stress fest.

17. Any situation can turn into a race. Ready? Go.

18. They think the treadmill should always be above 60 mph.

19. They know if you’re not first, you’re last.

20. They don’t hesitate to play dirty.

21. “Go big or go home” is their life motto.

The constant need for competition is exhausting.

So please, all you competitors out there, follow this polar bears lead…

…and bring it down a notch.

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