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    20 Times Idgie And Ruth Were The Perfect Couple In "Fried Green Tomatoes"

    The film may have cut the original novel's romance, but the chemistry between these two women couldn't be denied.

    The 1991 Academy Award nominated film Fried Green Tomatoes is based on a novel written by Fannie Flagg.

    If you haven't seen it, please stop what you are doing right now and watch it or — crazy idea — read the book.

    The book's plot revolved heavily around the love story between two women: Ruth Jamison And Idgie Threadgoode.

    Unbelievably, the film instead portrays them as best friends who are very close. VERY CLOSE.


    Lucky for us, Idgie and Ruth managed to be the most heartbreakingly perfect couple anyway.

    The evidence speaks for itself:

    1. Like this time they got super flirty down at the creek.

    2. And had a little heart-to-heart as well.

    3. Everytime they showed each other just how much they cared.

    4. And when they used any excuse to get close to each other.

    5. Anytime they gave each other those looks of slight annoyance, laced with pure adoration.

    6. When they walked like a couple...

    7. ...looked like a couple...

    8. ... and acted like a couple.

    9. That time Ruth gave Idgie the most innocent and heartbreaking kiss on the cheek.

    10. When Idgie put Ruth's safety and well-being above everyone elses.

    11. That time they had the world's sexiest food fight.

    The director actually meant for this scene to be "symbolic" of them making love.

    12. When Idgie asked Ruth to stay.

    13. And admitted she wanted to be with Ruth — and only Ruth.

    14. When they rocked matching outfits, as any adorable couple should.

    15. When the two of them became the only family they really needed.

    16. When they used pet names.

    17. They never let anyone, or anything, come between them.

    18. They taught us that true love sometimes involves letting go.

    Even when you're not ready to say goodbye.

    19. Because Ruth loved Idgie.

    20. And Idgie loved Ruth.

    Cue the movie montage.

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