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20 Perfect Lesbian Valentine's Day Cards From Tumblr

Love is best expressed in comic sans.

As always, Tumblr be knowing.

Thus, making it easier than ever to find the best Valentine's Day card for that special lady in your life.

1. When you need to get something off your chest:

2. When you're ready to finally say that L word:

3. When you're feeling a storm coming on:

4. When you want to take things to the next level:

5. When a simple message says it all:

6. When you've got a casual fling in your life:

7. Or a ~secret lover~:

8. When you are learning a new language:

9. Or experimenting in the kitchen:

10. When your girlfriend knows every musical ever made by heart:

11. When you want to play doctor:

12. Or need something to send that nerd in your life:

13. When you just finished watching Orange is The New Black:

14. (the first season....

15. ... and the second.)

16. When you would literally go to the ends of the Earth for her:

17. When you're feeling a little playful:

18. Or when you're crushing on someone hard:

19. When you want to make things serious:

20. And, when you just want to be blunt with your deepest feelings: