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    19 Wrinkly Curmudgeons Who Want You To Respect Your Elders

    This is exactly what you think it is. A bunch of grumpy pugs.

    Wrinkly Curmudgeon : An old or elderly (and rather grumpy) pug.

    1. "Cheryl, I don't like the color. Let's keep looking."

    2. "Did you move my dentures? This isn't funny!"

    3. "You call this music? Go read a book."

    4. "Take away the keys? Pry them out of my paws!"

    5. "Are you mocking me?"

    6. "GET OFF MY LAWN!"

    7. "Tuck in your shirt!"

    8. "I just want to read my book in peace."

    9. "That's the problem with this generation, you all just throw things away. Don't you ever try and fix things?"

    10. "I don't do well in the heat, I'm elderly!"

    11. "What's twerking?"

    12. *grumbles*

    13. "I miss the good ol' days."

    14. "Kids these days with their Facey-book and Twatting, hmph."

    15. "But, that was before the war..."

    16. "Age before beauty!"

    17. "Don't help me, I can do it myself!"

    18. "Back in my day I walked six miles to the park, through the snow!"

    19. "Hey. You! Respect your elders."

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