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19 Times Tumblr Perfectly Described The Agony That Is A Straight Girl Crush

Ho, don't do it... Oh my god.

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1. There is simply no greater agony in this life.

2. And although you should know better? You don't.

3. *deep internal moan*


4. It's like your crush doesn't even realize the potential you have to be the most amazing power couple.

5. Even if one day they DO realize the greatness that could have been, it will be too late!

6. Let us take a moment for Emma Stone to articulate our feelings.

7. Sometimes being "just friends" can be more complicated than anticipated.

8. Navigating the world of online dating isn't much easier.

9. This isn't a game, this is your life!

10. Not. A. Game.

11. You can dream, of course. By all means dream away!

12. But heed your friend's warnings: This will probably not end well.

13. Gotta laugh to keep from crying, amirite?

14. (You can cry. It's OK, this is a safe space.)

15. It's an uncontrollable and unavoidable roller coaster of emotions called "unrequited love."

16. Of course you never really know. Maybe things could work out in the end.

17. And if they don't?

18. Remember that you're not alone. This is a painful rite of passage in many ways.

19. Besides, they know not the error of their ways.

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