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19 Reasons Megan Rapinoe Would Make The Ultimate BFF

Because of the reasons okay? Too bad we don't know her in real life.

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Megan Rapinoe would make the best BFF ever.

1. If you are going through a tough time, you know she would be there for you.

Sophie Ohlson / Via

2. Bad day? BFF Pinoe would put that smile back on your face...

...probably by taking selfies on your phone.

3. She would laugh at all your corny jokes.

Don Ryan / AP

4. As your BFF, she would never judge you.

Out loud anyway.
Matt King / Getty Images

Out loud anyway.

5. The only thing she would love more than you is her country.

Michael Regan / Getty Images

6. It's something everyone secretly wishes for:

Former US Men's player Jimmy Conrad would do anything for Rapinoe's friendship.

Former US Men's player Jimmy Conrad would do anything for Rapinoe's friendship.

7. Think of all the awesome BFF handshakes:

Your basic BFF Turkey...

...the snail...

...and the advanced jelly fish.

8. She would let you borrow these awesome pants:

9. Because she is cool with sharing, usually.

Armando Franca / AP

10. She would try on some of your stuff too.

But you're BFFs's cool.
Twitter: @sydneyleroux

But you're BFFs's cool.

11. If you went out, she would dance like this just to make YOU look good.

12. If anyone tried to mess with you, she would have your back.

Just, no.

13. And don't worry, she isn't about drama.

14. She would NEVER forget your birthday.

15. She would do BFF things like keep you company at yoga...

16. ...or just spend a day at the ballpark.

Ezra Shaw / Getty Images

17. You would do everything together! That's what best friends are for.

Nigel Roddis / Reuters

18. And, obviously, she gives the best hugs.

The high hop:
David Moir / Reuters

The high hop:

The up on top:
Jonathan Ferrey / Getty Images

The up on top:

The overly aggressive power hug:
Jon Super / AP

The overly aggressive power hug:

The double dip:
Stanley Chou / Getty Images

The double dip:

19. Let's face it, if you can't BE might as well be her BFF.

In conclusion:

The best things at three price points