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    18 Tips For LGBT Teens In High School, From People Who Have Been There

    "You're not broken."

    We asked LGBT members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us what they wish they had known in high school (because being an LGBT teenager can be, well, confusing). Here's the advice they gave to their younger selves:

    1. Don't feel the need to own a label — now or ever:

    2. Know that you don't have to prove anything to anybody:

    3. Take your time coming out, this isn't a race:

    4. Bisexuality and asexuality are 👏 real 👏 and 👏 valid:

    5. Don't be afraid to reach out — help can come from the most surprising places:

    6. "It's OK to talk to your partner if something about sex doesn't feel good.":

    7. How does that old saying go? "Those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind"? Yea, that:

    8. Fashion is a great way to express yourself, but your sexuality doesn't have to define or dictate your style:

    9. But hey, it's 💯 fine to fall into some stereotypes:

    10. You'll change a lot as you get older and how you identify can change too:

    11. You can — and most definitely should — have queer sex safely:

    12. Your friends and family might need a little time to catch up. You've been figuring this out over time — they haven't:

    13. You will crush on the wrong person, but it happens to everyone:

    14. Don’t date someone just because they’re the only other queer person at your school:

    15. Being nonbinary is what you make it!

    16. Get out! No, seriously, joining clubs, teams, and outside activities is a great way to meet new people:

    17. All things come to an end — even high school:

    18. Most importantly? Be easy on yourself:

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