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18 Pictures That Perfectly Sum Up Coming Out Of The Closet

*Opens closet door* *Trips*

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1. This is your life when you're thinking about coming out of the closet to your friends and loved ones:

BuzzFeed/Tara Parian

2. It's not pretty. All these confusing ~feelings~ are making everything else sort of hard to focus on:

3. When someone asks you about your sexual orientation you struggle to form a coherent sentence:

4. Coming out of the closet is a graceful affair...almost never:

5. Because, frankly, you're still figuring it out for yourself — it's a process:

6. All the anxiety of holding onto this secret builds up inside and you just. Want. To. Let. It. Go:

7. How much longer can you let your true identity lurk behind closed doors?

8. Coming out is all about figuring things out and answering those unsolved questions:

9. You spend hours worrying if people already know and not knowing how to feel about that:

10. You've had a few close calls in the past that, frankly, you'd rather forget about:

11. Odds are that thoughtful and perfect "coming-out speech" will go completely out the window:

12. And tbh, you're tired of attending family functions and introducing your bae as "just a friend."

13. The signs are everywhere: It's time to live your best life.

14. Seriously, the signs are everywhere:

15. And I mean everywhere:

16. But after you come out? You. Come. Out.

17. Just remember: Those who matter don't mind...

18. ...and those who mind? Don't matter.

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