17 Times Tara Thornton Didn’t Have Time For Your Foolishness

Everybody knows, Tara held it down until the very end.

1. In her very first, and amazing, scene on True Blood.


2. When she had no time to deal with “authority.”


3. When she had no time for people, in general.

4. Whenever she said the things that nobody else would say:

5. And asked the questions nobody else wanted to ask.

6. When she said exactly what was on her mind.

7. Also known as, telling the truth.

8. When she went in on anyone who disrespected her.



9. Each and every time she smashed the patriarchy.


10. When she led people through the darkness and towards the light with her wisdom.


11. When she put Sooki in her place.


12. Every time she knew she was a badass and totally owned up to it.

13. When she decided manners were a waste of breath.

14. When she manages badassery using no words at all.

15. Anytime she was brutally honest with Pam.




16. When she wasn’t even a little afraid to speak the truth.



17. But mostly, every time she used her realness to show just how much she actually cared.



~ RIP Tara Thornton, the realest of them all ~

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