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    Posted on Dec 27, 2013

    17 Reasons To Bring Back "The L Word" And 5 Reasons To Just Let It Go

    We loved it, we binge-watched it, but maybe it's best if we just leave it where it is.

    An online petition is calling for a Netflix reboot of the Showtime original series The L Word, which wrapped up its final season in 2009.

    On one hand, there are quite a few reasons to bring back our favorite ladies – 17 reasons, to be exact.

    1. There hasn't been a show since that even comes close to The L Word.

    Showtime / Via

    Television has been making strides with lesbian characters while Netflix gave us all new hope with the ladies of "Orange Is the New Black." And yet, here we are — still waiting for the second coming of The L Word.

    2. Even the actresses want it back.

    I hope that the L Word is brought back.

    Mia Kirshner


    I hope that the L Word is brought back.

    / Via

    3. The L Word provided experiences that many queer women could actually relate to.

    4. There were everyday struggles we could completely understand.

    5. The ladies bestowed upon us invaluable wisdom...

    ...and plenty of advice we didn't even know we needed.

    6. If The L Word returned to our lives, so would the gift of Bette Porter's profanity-dropping rage:


    7. We could once again count on Alice for important life lessons:

    8. It would be as if Shane's face, and her poetic insights, never left us.

    9. To be honest, Shane's face in general is reason enough to bring the show back.


    10. Of course, we miss the hot stuff...

    ...and the HOT hot stuff.

    11. Our lives feel empty without the constant drama.

    12. We are lost without the informative vocabulary lessons.

    13. We want more moments that make us laugh so hard our stomachs hurt...

    ...and then we laugh even more.

    14. The characters became our closest friends, guiding us through breakups and unimaginable loss.

    15. They also brought a serious amount of warm 'n' fuzzies to our hearts.

    16. They became a part of our family.

    But, those are also reasons why The L Word really shouldn't come back.

    1. Do we actually want to know who killed Jenny?

    Or really ever see/discuss/think about her face again.

    2. We can never have Dana back.

    Acceptance is the first step, people.

    3. A comeback would most likely leave us all in utter disappointment.

    4. Maybe it's time to simply appreciate the show for what it was and let it go.

    5. That way we can focus on the real problem, the fact that we are pining over a show that ended five years ago. We don't need The L Word to come back, we need a new show to step up and take its place.