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17 Reasons To Bring Back "The L Word" And 5 Reasons To Just Let It Go

We loved it, we binge-watched it, but maybe it's best if we just leave it where it is.

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1. There hasn't been a show since that even comes close to The L Word.

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Television has been making strides with lesbian characters while Netflix gave us all new hope with the ladies of "Orange Is the New Black." And yet, here we are — still waiting for the second coming of The L Word.

2. Even the actresses want it back.

I hope that the L Word is brought back.

Mia Kirshner


I hope that the L Word is brought back.

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5. That way we can focus on the real problem, the fact that we are pining over a show that ended five years ago. We don't need The L Word to come back, we need a new show to step up and take its place.

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