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    17 Of The Sweetest Ways To Come Out Of The Closet

    The best moments in life always involve food.

    1. Sometimes food really is the answer to everything.

    2. And sometimes it's just easier to say the hard things with something yummy:

    3. Go ahead, make a beautiful mess of it!

    4. Make it your own personal statement:

    5. Be as eloquent as possible:

    6. Sorry, but you're not sorry:

    "They were very supportive and cool about it, and they loved our ridiculous cake. (It was a purple vanilla cake with strawberry frosting, and then the black glitter detail icing and multicolored sprinkles as decoration. The cake was fucking delicious and I’m relieved to be out of the closet now."

    7. It's sure to be a dessert to be remembered:

    "A year ago today, I came out to my parents with a “gayke”. Today, my parents surprised me with an anniversary cake to commemorate it."

    8. And if you're going to do it, why not go big with something savory?

    9. Don't shy away from a pun or two:

    "Once upon a time, in April 2014 to be more precise, I came out to my parents. Being the cheeky little shit that it is my brain decided this was the way to go. Turns out it’s a good icebreaker and there’s cake at the end. Good times yeah."

    10. You never know when a pun will save the moment:

    11. Why keep the people guessing:

    12. It doesn't need to be a big deal really:

    13. Make enough for everyone, because everyone is going to want a piece:

    14. Throw some sprinkles on it, more is more:

    15. Because no matter how you slice it...

    "I came out to my friends on my birthday and this is how they cut my piece of cake."

    16. ... embracing what makes you... you?

    17. That's pretty sweet.