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    17 Of The Most Beautiful LGBT-Friendly Wedding Venues From Around The World

    Step one: Win the lottery. Step two: Pick one of these insane getaways and never return.

    BuzzFeed/ Sarah Karlan

    Choosing to have a destination wedding is exciting and stressful. Choosing to have a destination wedding as a same-sex couple is exciting, stressful, and downright confusing. Where is it legal and where is it illegal for you to be wed? And once you have a location, which venues will even allow same-sex couples to hold ceremonies?

    BuzzFeed News reached out to The Venue Report, masters in their trade of finding the most exotic and fanciful wedding locales, for a rundown of the most stunning wedding destinations that also think gay is A-OK. Here is what they found:

    The Oyster Inn (Auckland, New Zealand)

    Courtesy Oyster Inn

    The inn of Waiheke Island (really a seafood restaurant, bar, private dining room, and beach shop all-in-one) is gay-owned and operated.

    Venue Report: "A coastal hideaway just forty minutes from Auckland, this beautiful boutique boasts the kind of intimacy only remote locations with high style can. With only three guest rooms, you’ll keep this wedding party small."

    The fine print: Same-sex marriage became legal in New Zealand back in 2013.

    Oyster Inn
    Oyster Inn

    Cap Rocat (Mallorca, Spain)

    Courtesy of Cap Rocat

    Calling all history buffs! Known for its unique architecture and natural environment, this venue (a former military base) is blended into the most secluded area in the bay of Palma de Mallorca.

    Venue Report: "There is something so magical about marrying at a place so massive in stature and historical in significance."

    The fine print: Spain has recently passed legislation that ensures all same-sex couples can have a legally binding civil ceremony if one of them is registered as resident. If neither are residents one could choose to hold a blessing ceremony following your binding marriage in your home country.

    Domus Civita (Civita di Bagnoregio, Lazio, Italy) / Via Indoor Cave Pool Bob Coscarelli

    Just your everyday 14th century medieval home perched atop a volcanic plateau with underground caves and a Roman water cistern below. It's casual! The estate was actually purchased in a decrepit state in 2011 by architect Patrizio Fradiani and his partner.

    Venue Report: "This private retreat looks as though it came straight out of one of Indiana Jones’ adventures, an almost mirage-looking miracle. Make sure to pack your sunglasses as the gold glinting off the tufa rocks surrounding the town and the silver inlaid in the basalt streets may overwhelm with its opulence. One of the most notable and beautiful places on Earth, it’s a place to be lost… and found in again. Did we mention the indoor cave pool?"

    The fine print: Same-sex marriage is not recognized in Italy, but many commitment ceremonies take place there regularly.

    Indoor Cave Pool Bob Coscarelli

    ION Luxury Adventure Hotel (South Iceland)

    Courtesy of Ion Luxury Adventure Hotel

    The luxury hotel is an hour from the capital of Reykjavik and located on Iceland's infamous "golden circle route" of natural sight-seeing attractions.

    Venue Report: "Imagine intimate I-do's under the Northern Lights or gathering your group for a getaway so gorgeous and filled with adventure you'll be telling your grandchildren about it one day."

    The fine print: Iceland is known for their full acceptance of the LGBT community. Same-sex marriage has been legal in Iceland since 2010.

    San Giorgio Hotel (Mykonos, Greece)

    Fun Fact: "It’s rumored that Jackie Onassis put Mykonos on the map as one of the chicest islands to travel to. The gay community followed back in the ’70s when her and her entourage frequented the island."

    Venue Report: "'The idea behind this wonderfully whitewashed and bohemian beachfront hotel is bringing like-minded people together in a laid-back atmosphere. The hotel is designed to encourage interaction among guests and with easy access to both the world-class beaches, pool & design of the hotel as well as the hot and gay friendly nightlife of Mykonos, this is a marvelous marriage destination."

    The fine print: Gay weddings are not legally recognized in Greece. Couples choosing to marry in Greece will also need to legally get married in another country. Mykonos is one of the "Big 4" gay summer resort destinations in Europe.

    San Girorgio Mykonos

    Rayavadee KRabi (Krabi, Thailand)

    Rayavadee Krabi,

    If you want to make it here, you'll have to travel to the outskirts of Krabi Marine National Park, surrounded by tropical wildlife and coconut groves. Word to the wise – Rayavadee is only accessible by boat!

    Venue Report: "This five star beachfront resort has every luxurious amenity you could imagine: the topper? It sure will be a wonderful wedding day at they're gorgeous limestone grotto: fancy lingo for 'cave venue on the beach.'"

    The fine print: Thailand has not legalized same-sex marriage, yet wedding ceremonies often take place here under Buddhist law.

    Rayavadee Krabi

    Matakauri Lodge (Queenstown, New Zealand)

    This is a five-star lakeside lodge in New Zealand and it's a dreamland every season of the year — what more do you need?

    Venue Report: "This lodge has hosted royalty and billionaires – the Owner's Cottage is listed as one of the finest suites in the world. Besides the magnificent mountain views, your personal concierge will assist you in planning your perfect party as well as arranging your group's activities for the week (end) in Queenstown, New Zealand's adventure capital."

    The fine print: New Zealand was the first Asia-Pacific nation to legalize gay marriage, making it the 13th country in the world to do so.

    Experimental Beach Ibiza (Ibiza, Spain)

    Natalie Beth Harris

    The waterfront bar and lounge opened its doors onto the sands of southern Ibiza's Ses Salinas in May of 2013.

    Venue Report: "With endless days of sunshine and beautiful beaches, this oceanfront oasis beckons for any and all bohemian beach babes to bust our their best dance moves and do up their “I-do’s” under a sweet Spanish sunset."

    The fine print: Spain has recently passed legislation that ensures all same-sex couples can have a legally binding civil ceremony if one of them is registered as resident. If neither are residents one could choose to hold a blessing ceremony following a binding marriage in your home country.

    Natalie Beth Harris / Via

    Babylonstoren (Drakenstein Valley, South Africa)

    Vicky Grafton / Via

    Venue Report: "Inspired by the mythical gardens of Babylon, this farm hotel spanning eight acres, would make even Adam and Eve feel right at home. Or Adam and Adam. Or Eve and Eve. With over 300 plants, the fruit and vegetables are harvested for guests to munch on in the restaurant (there will be absolutely no need to count calories here.) You will find yourself meandering around the farm and discovering berries, bees, ducks, chickens, a prickly pear maze, a HUMAN size bird nest and even gravity fed waterways. Yep, the gardens are watered the same way they would have been 300 years ago. There is no need to reinvent the wheel, right?"

    The fine print: Same sex marriages have been legally recognized in South Africa since 2006. With that being said, there are some restrictions as to where you can legally get married in South Africa. (If you plan for a ceremony in a garden or on the beach, you may consider repeating the legal part of the service indoors so as to avoid any doubts about whether you are formally married or not.)

    There are also some restrictions to indoor locations, including marrying in some restaurants or other buildings not defined as legal.

    Photo Credit: Vicky Grafton / Via

    Capri Tiberio Palace (Capri, Italy)

    Courtesy of Capri Tiberio Palace

    This hotel on the Mediterranean is not so much a hotel, but a 19th Century palace.

    Venue Report: "This picture perfect Italian postcard palace is an eclectic gathering place for bon vivants, glamorous globetrotters & the crème de la crème of the upper crust of any orientation. Gilded lobbies, jellyfish installation and an indoor-pool & spa complete this chic Capri hideaway"

    The fine print: Same-sex marriage is not recognized in Italy, but that shouldn't deter a couple looking to wed in this luxe land. A civil union in the couple's home state should take care of the legality, and Italy is quickly becoming a hotspot for performing LGBT commitment ceremonies.

    Courtesy of Capri Tiberio Palace
    Courtesy of Capri Tiberio Palace

    Fregate Island Private (Fregate Island Private, Seychelles)

    Fregate Island Private

    You can rent the entire island, located in a small archipelago in the Indian Ocean, or stay in one of the private residences (Banyan Tree Estate) — either way you're on a freakin' island.

    Venue Report: "Not satisfied with a simple hotel takeover? How about your own private island? Talk about a serious commitment ceremony. Step one: Invite everyone you know. Step two: commence party. "

    The fine print: Seychelles does not recognize same-sex marriage or same-sex civil unions, though many venues here host same-sex ceremonies and honeymoons — just be sure to legalize your marriage back home.

    Fregate Island Private

    Elmore Court (Gloucester, England)

    MTM Studio |

    The original building dates between 1564 and 1588, so you could easily say this estate is ~timeless~.

    Venue Report: "This beautiful country house is Elizabethan in stature but ever-modern in it's avant-garde approach to English countryside chic and sustainability. The Guise family has owned this gorgeous gathering spot for over 750 years, making it a splendid setting for your sweetest of soirees. The house and handsome gardens will be exclusively yours for a wedding, then across to The Gillyflower for dinner and dancing."

    The fine print: Same-sex unions have been legal in England since 2014.

    Estancia Vik (Jose Ignacio, Uruguay)

    Vik Retreats

    The acres upon acres of this sprawling estate provide Uruguay's traditional ranch experience, yet you'll be just minutes from beautiful beaches and surfing.

    Venue Report: "Pulse-pounding parties, polo, perfect playas and panoramas make this South American province positively paradisiacal will still providing a traditional ranch experience."

    The fine print: Same-sex marriage was legalized in Uruguay in 2013.

    Hacienda Sac Chich ( Casa de Maquanis, Yucatan, Mexico)

    Hacienda Sac Chich

    This luxurious rental property is located in Mexico on the peninsula of Yucatan. The main hacienda can accommodate up to 13 guests.

    Venue Report: "Old world meets cutting-edge contemporary at this private Yucatan peninsula estate made up of two estates. Say sweet “I-do’s” on the stargazing deck or invite up to 150 of your closest to seal the deal on the lawn lit by fireflies."

    The fine print: Yucatan was one of the last regions of Mexico to legalize same-sex marriage.

    Hacienda Sac Chich

    Hotel La Semilla (Quintana Roo, Mexico)

    Hotel La Semilla

    The nine-room hotel is an antique hunters dream space, with most of the furnishings coming from fleamarkets around Mexico.

    Venue Report: "Chock full of vintage finds and cultured pieces, the Hotel La Semilla is the perfect escape for your creative soul."

    The fine print: Quintana Roo is one of main regions of Mexico outside of Mexico City to recognize gay marriage.

    Drake Devonshire (Ontario, Canada)

    Photos Courtesy of Drake Devonshire

    Take a short trip from to Ontario and you'll never look at farmhouses the same again.

    Venue Report: "We thought we knew Canadian cool... then we found the Drake Devonshire. Delight in the decor that deserves every accolade it's received. Takeover 11 stylishly appointed rooms (and 2 suites) and revel in how ridiculously cool YOU'LL be just by staying here. Country wedding or corporate retreat, it's nothing short of rad. With venues spanning from a lakeside deck and lawn to an enclosed A-frame dining room and a glass box for professional pow-wows, the 'Drake by the Lake' is one of our favorite intimate inns of all-time."

    The fine print: Same-sex marriage was legalized in Canada as of 2005 with the Civil Marriage Act.

    Playa Vik (Montevideo, Uruguay)

    Vik Retreats

    if the beachfront hotel views somehow grow old, checkout the art-filled suites.

    Venue Report: "Cutting-edge design combined with the utmost in unrivaled views makes this ultra-luxe, Uruguayan manor the ultimate in bohemian, beach chic. Fiesta at the focal point of Playa Vik, aptly named the "Sculpture" - an avant garde beachfront retreat or double-curved titanium and glass with sweeping views of the Atlantic."

    The fine print: Same-sex marriage was legalized in Uruguay in 2013.

    Vik Retreats