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    16 Times The Gay Agenda Was Alive And Well

    There's no such thing... or is there?

    1. When we infiltrated the school systems...

    2. ... and left not a textbook unturned.

    3. When we took our fight to the streets...

    4. ... and the good word was spread.

    5. When we were multi-tasking all day long:

    6. And not a whisper was heard:

    7. When we tore down the sanctity marriage:

    8. And told you to gaze deeply into our eyes:

    9. When we started going door-to-door:

    10. When the truth appeared in the cards:

    11. And on your television screens:

    12. When parents wised up:

    13. And the writing literally could not be torn off the walls:

    14. Anytime a new level of achievement is unlocked...

    15. ... or a brave soul leaves their mark...

    16. ... the agenda is alive and well.

    ( Maniacal laughter fades into the distance )