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    Jan 13, 2015

    16 Things All Bisexual People In The Dating World Know To Be True

    Double the options, still so single.

    1. Being bisexual and single isn't easy: You carry the weight of all the world's attractive people on your shoulders.

    2. Every dip into the dating pool turns into a full-blown existential crisis.

    3. After having to explain your sexuality over and over again, you basically have a script memorized.

    4. And even then, there are still some people who just don't get it.

    * deep breath *

    5. Everyone says you have double the odds when it comes to dating, which like... OK, sure, but also like... what?

    6. Deciding it's best to divide and conquer, you end up with three different online dating profiles – and very little free time.


    7. The unsolicited messages from couples test your sense of humor each and every day.

    8. You'll never understand why individuals looking to "experiment" often see you as a willing volunteer:

    ** Unless of course you want to be that person. Go be that person for them!

    9. On the bright side, you are the jedi master of "bi" puns:

    10. Attending "gay nights" at the local bar feels like going undercover, even though you have every right to be there.

    11. Your flirting game always varies from situation to situation.

    12. And when you finally settle into a healthy and happy relationship, this conversation has to happen:

    No really, it happens.

    13. Some people will assume you've finally "chosen a side."

    14. And coming out to the person you're currently dating feels like jumping off a cliff into a deep, dark abyss.


    Deciding when and how to come out to the person you're dating will never be an easy call.

    15. Then again, your life will be full of seriously difficult decisions.

    16. Deep down you know that when you find the right person, everything will swiftly fall into place.