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    16 Perfect Tweets About Gender That Will Make You Whisper "Yes, Thank You" Under Your Breath

    "Yes, thank you."

    1. When you're very casually trying to get someone to see things from your perspective:

    2. This realization:

    3. And this actually surprising reveal:

    4. When you're at work but trying to stay true to yourself:

    5. This handy graph:

    6. This ultimate truth:

    7. When you want to send out a quick reminder:

    8. This equation:

    9. Just, this:

    10. On the mystery and wonder of the singular they:

    11. When you have your priorities:

    12. This little parenting tip:

    13. This unbelievably simple thing:

    14. This face:

    15. TH — *cartwheels* — IS:

    16. And, lastly, this future gravestone inscription: