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15 Things That Will Make Queer Women Laugh Every Time

"I like my coffee like I like my men." I don't drink coffee.

1. The most underrated form of birth control:

2. The inescapable sadness of the lesbian film genre:

3. This perfect pair of cards:

4. And any small reminder about the outlandishness that was The L Word:

5. This quick pun:

Showtime / Via

6. This starter kit:

And this one too:

7. This hot tip for a living a long and healthy life:

Easy enough!

8. This detailed outline of the gay lifestyle:

9. This clever snap:

10. And this simple flirting hack:

11. This reflection on matchmaking:

12. The need for this to be an actual stock image:

13. This inside joke:

14. And this Faking It graffiti tag:

15. *spit-take*