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14 Times Lesbian Pulp Cover Art Perfectly Summed Up Your Life

Queer Patterns: When your mom checked the Netflix history.

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1. Each and every time a dude hits on you at the bar:

2. When your mom starts to pick up on some trends in the Netflix history:

Movies with a strong female lead, amirite?

Movies with a strong female lead, amirite?

3. When you listen to your straight friend's dating woes and silently say a prayer to yourself:

4. How you feel during Pride season:

5. When you're forced to listen to your slightly-homophobic relatives over a holiday meal:

6. When you take your friends to ladies night at the bar:

7. When you go to the gym farthest from your apartment just to see that girl from work you're crushing on:

8. That one spring break trip you took with all your sorority sisters:

9. That glorious time before you came out when your mom would let your girlfriend sleepover:

10. When you see your ex at a bar:

11. When your college girlfriend broke up with you and went back to dating guys post-graduation:

12. When you glance at your Tumblr dashboard:

13. When dudes slide their way into your online dating inbox:

14. When you're flipping through old family photos:

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