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13 Reasons This Legally Blind NYC Street Photographer Is The Epitome Of Badass

Multiple sclerosis, lung cancer, and blindness aren't enough to stop Flo Fox from capturing every moment.

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1. Flo Fox bought a camera with her very first paycheck at the age of 26 and has carried it with her everyday since.

"40 years it will be in a few months. Everyday wherever i've gone in the street or in bed with someone – I've covered everything in my camera."

2. She has been living with multiple sclerosis for 39 years and kicking lung cancer's ass for 9 years – it doesn't slow her down a bit.


5. Now that she can no longer hold a camera or press the shutter button, she relies on her aide to take the photos everyday – with her stern direction of course.


... she took matters into her own hands by buying the cement and physically building the ramp herself.

Flo Fox

“Sometimes people see me sitting beside my wheelchair, trowling the cement, and they say ‘Miss! Are you OK?’ I say ‘Yeah can you mix the cement please?’”


Flo, a documentary chronicling her story, gives ample evidence to prove this chick is more of a badass than you'll ever be.

A few words on Flo from the director, Riley Hooper:

There's obviously a lot of wisdom and inspiration to be gleaned from this story. On a personal level, it's sobering to think that Flo bought her first camera when she was about the same age as I am -- and that four years later she would be diagnosed with MS. Yet it's inspiring to see that her positive outlook and intense passion for her work has allowed her to persevere. It's a motivating reminder to never take anything for granted in my life, or make excuses in pursuing my filmmaking. Those are, of course, cliched maxims. Yet they're ones I now resonate with on a deeper level, and I have Flo to thank for that.