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    13 Photographers On Their Favorite Same-Sex Weddings

    We asked photographers from the book The New Art Of Capturing Love to share some moments and lessons learned while photographing a couple's big day.

    1. "What I love most is witnessing unique moments like two brides foregoing the traditional wedding bridal party...

    ... and instead both choosing their parents to stand up with them during the ceremony.”

    2. "Working with same-sex couples has helped me question some of my assumptions about straight couples and, in turn, I am better when photographing all couples."

    3. "The most special moment I have captured [...] both sets of parents stood up with their sons while they said their vows to each other. They circled around the couple showing their love, while giving blessings and support for this union."

    4. "Love is a universal melody sung by all couples, it’s up to you to hear the music."

    5. "Same-sex couples have been fighting for a right that heterosexual couples take for granted. So there is something so pure, so real, and vulnerable about the love between the couples that just feels different to me."

    6. “The most important thing I learned when photographing two brides is to focus the love they have for each other. Love between two people is powerful and a beautiful thing to capture."

    7. “The most special moments I have when working with a couple is always the quiet moments – just the two of them.”

    8. "They are no different from any other couple. Love is love and capturing that special bond and moment of happiness is my main objective regardless of sexual orientation."

    9. "Bystanders and passersby are frequently high fiving and congratulating my couples, and it's an amazing experience for couples who come from all over to be married in DC.“

    10. "I leave every wedding feeling as if I have made at least two new friends because they have let me see, share, and capture some of the most meaningful parts of their experience together.”

    11. “The most important thing I learned when photographing same-sex couples was not to put gender roles on them."

    12. "I am especially honored when working with couples who may have been engaged for many years and are coming to my hometown of Washington DC for a ceremony that they are denied in their own state."

    13. “What I’ve learned about working with same-sex couples is that gender has absolutely nothing to do with love.”

    These images were collected from the works of photographers involved in the book The New Art Of Capturing Love and provided by co-author Kathryn Hamm and Thea Dodds.

    The wedding guide includes examples of engagement sessions, wedding & reception moments, and a special focus on wedding parties and wedding ritual. Kathryn Hamm is president of, the leading online boutique and resource dedicated to serving same-sex couples since 1999.