12 Things Lesbian And Bisexual Women Are Tired Of Seeing

    "Couples in my OkCupid inbox."

    1. Unsolicited propositions:

    2. And this overplayed line:

    Ban them all.

    3. Tweets like these:

    Why do lesbians date girls that look/dress like dudes ? #nonsense

    If lesbians aren't attracted to men, then why are they attracted to women who look like men?

    Make them stop.

    4. This common "misunderstanding" when it comes to the definition of bisexuality:

    5. Messages like these:

    6. And couples just casually hopping into your inbox:

    We're good, thanks.

    7. Unnecessarily gendered products:

    8. And male-directed lesbian porn:

    9. Queer baiting on television.

    10. And shows just killing off all the queer ladies:

    Can we just live? Literally.

    11. That thing where the majority of all lesbian and bisexual women on television are portrayed as super femme?

    We can do better.

    12. Tbh, also super tired of seeing ex-girlfriends – but there are some things you just can't change.