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    Jan 29, 2015

    12 Queer Women Who Are Sick Of Straight People Hitting On Them

    "What are you looking for in a man?" If he has a sister.

    1. For gay or bisexual women, navigating the minefields of online dating can be exhausting.

    And by "minefields," I mean unsolicited advances in your inbox.

    Nope, no thanks. Not today.

    Ladies, remember:

    2. Don't hesitate to say it how it is:

    3. Simply speak your truth:

    4. Keep that perfect comeback in your back pocket:

    5. Attempt to create a teaching moment:


    6. Try a splash of sarcasm in dire situations:

    7. First and foremost, be honest:

    8. Note: Honesty is not always fully understood.

    9. Provide a small dose of reality:

    10. Test their reading comprehension. They may be unable to read:

    11. Speak slowly and carefully, so that each syllable is understood:

    12. And stay strong.