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Picking A Drink With Boomerangs

Vic, from, is back with another trick shot. This time he's setting up a couple of bottles of vodka and letting the boomerang pick which one he's gets to try first.

skaduskitai 5 years ago

Blind Chef Cooking Gourmet Food

Its an ad, but a very intresting way to display order in a kitchen Christine Ha winner of master chef is used in a kitchen from ikea to show how orginasation can be done. I wonder where the bloopers are, gots to be plenty

skaduskitai 5 years ago

Reverse Graffiti Campaign In Stockholm

With high pressure water and a stencil, stockholmed got bombed with the new album cover, selected cleanding is probably the most enviremental spraypaint there is.

skaduskitai 6 years ago

Doki Doki

Tap shake and rotate into music

skaduskitai 7 years ago

Use Condoms

To make sweet, sweet music. And, you know, for other things.

skaduskitai 7 years ago