17 Pugs With Broken Dreams

How many among us wonder what our lives would have been like if we’d accepted that job, gone after that guy, or taken that trip to Europe? How would our lives be different? These pugs also ponder such things.


This pug wonders what life would have been like if he had never eaten that sock when he was 18 weeks old.


Wiggum wonders why his father took him out of the will just one week before he passed away.


Bernice thinks often of the 3 pups she gave up for adoption back in ‘09.


If Lebron had been more attentive to Sheila’s needs, maybe they’d still be together.


This pug just saw “500 Days of Summer” and could really relate to the “expectations vs. reality” montage.


Charlie wonders where he might be today if he’d pushed himself harder in school.


Linda wishes she could find solace in places other than food.


Manuel wears zany outfits to distract you from the fact that deep down, he feels like a failure.


Cassandra sometimes wonders if her beauty is a blessing or a curse.


He feels trapped in the crate of his mind.


When Maxine got pregnant, Harold stepped up. What if they had been more careful?


This pug can’t accept the fact that he’s getting older.


Samantha has been trying her hand at poetry again for the first time since college.


Tony doesn’t remember how he wound up in her bed, but he’s going to Starbucks to get them both some coffee.


This guy would like to know if he should use this shot as his main profile pic on OKCupid. He still believes in love.


Barney enjoys his work in cloud computing, but often wonders where he’d be if “The Light Fantastic”, the prog rock band he played bass for, hadn’t broken up in 1993.


Petunia and Ziggy found each other and every day feels like a dream come true.

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