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The 22 Worst Things About Flying

SFO to LAX? Be there in 2 Advils, 4 peanut packets, 12 hours, and 672 dollars.

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Frequently updated reading material regarding the latest trend in the security safety manual

…and advice on what you should be discarding from your suitcase before you make it to the front of the line

Schlepping your luggage through the airport

Looks like we’re at gate 57— so I guess we should just head up the escalator, hop on the moving walkway, make a right, head past 30 gates, make a left, and it’ll be right there on the back left corner

Delays with no real explanation or estimate of an actual departure time

I’d go get food, but the attendant said they’re just waiting for a phone call to begin boarding… and it’s been two hours so I’m sure it’ll happen any minute now

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