17 Cosmetic Catastrophes As Told By Celebs

Careless beauty habits are never okay. If you or someone you know has fallen victim to makeup-mindlessness, please call 1800-NEED-MIRROR or contact the Sephora specialist nearest you.

1. Lindsay Lohan’s “I clearly take the severity of my crime very seriously. If my word isn’t enough, just look at the severity of my cheekbones” strategic contouring

2. Taylor Momsen’s “I’m so tough that I can give myself a black eye” smokey eye

3. Kelly Osbourne’s “I got cast on Fashion Police because I clearly have no place being on Makeup Police” hair, lip, and foundation choices

4. Kris Kardashian’s “I love being with my family sooo much that if my face wasn’t frozen, it would look like I loved being with my family so much” Botox treatment

5. The “I thought it would be fun to dip the base of my hair in a lighter version of my current hair color so I can look like I spent a ton of money coloring my hair 8 months ago” ombre style

6. Ross Geller’s “These Whitestrips are so comfortable that I started watching Jurassic Park and completely forgot I had them on” teeth whitening attempt

7. Lady Gaga’s “Sometimes I like to dunk my face in a bucket of tie-dye paint” eyebrow and lip color

8. Christina Aguilera’s “I just got back from a vacation on the sun” spray tan

9. Nicole Kidman’s “I’m completely oil-free and photo ready as long as the camera doesn’t have a flash” over-powdering

10. Leighton Meester’s “I let my 5 year old niece do my makeup today” color explosion

11. Mischa Barton’s “I’d like to look consistently embarassed for the entire evening” blush treatment

12. Drew Barrymore’s “Yikes, I really didn’t think this through” yellow eyeshadow

13. Kim Kardashian’s “I found this color in my cabinet from that year I spent in a dark Alaskan cave” foundation

14. Carrie Bradshaw’s “I’m getting married today, but also have a gut feeling I’ll be getting stood up at the altar” frightened wedding look

15. Eva Longoria’s “I didn’t sleep at all last night and this seemed like the best solution” concealer

16. Tyra Banks’ “Would you believe my electric went out right before I hit the red carpet?! I didnt want to stand anyone up so I just did my makeup in the dark” eye shadow

17. Kat Von D’s “I’m Kat Von D, so this is not only socially acceptable, but expected of me” makeup and tattoo choices

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