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    15 Ways "Sex And The City" Lied To Me About Life

    How Carrie, Miranda, Samantha, and Charlotte artificially inflated my expectations of society and the road that lies ahead.

    Taxis will regularly pull up the second I exit my apartment building

    If I ever get mugged, my shoes will be the first thing to go

    Post-it notes are a “get out of jail free card” if caught smoking pot in plain sight of a police officer

    And a female police officer will support my emotional attempts to vandalize public property

    Alcohol + lunch with an ex = good idea

    Sleeping with a new man every week is normal, safe… and totally awesome

    Ugly sex is hot

    People I don't want to see are lurking around every New York City corner

    Writing this one column will allow me to buy $790 shoes

    One night stands turn into relationships

    I can have my cake and eat it too

    My boyfriend and I can share glasses

    Vivienne Westwood will spontaneously messenger over my wedding dress for free

    If a man breaks up with me three times, marries someone else, has an affair, then stands me up at the altar… eventually he’ll do a 180, put a shoe on my foot, and become “the one”

    Miley Cyrus is just a mini-Samantha Jones

    turns out, this one may be true

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