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13 Things To Consider Before Getting Your First Dog

You're not quite mature enough to start producing offspring, but the life span of your houseplants has greatly increased over the past year. Are you ready for a dog?

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Is your breed of choice good with children?

Just because you don't want a couple little rugrats running around right now doesn't mean you won't be singing a different tune in a decade. And it's usually societally frowned upon if your dog eats your baby.

Consider the allergies of your close friends and family


Remember that time your roommate had the flu and snot-infested tissues slowly invaded your entire apartment? Now imagine it's flu season. All. Year. Long.

How much do you value your privacy?


It's Saturday night. Light a few candles, pour some wine, snuggle up with your girlfriend/boyfriend, push the dog's ass out of your face, wipe their slobber off your hand, throw their toy... wait, where were we?

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